Holiday dialysis

Comfortable dialysis in the Achterhoek, during your holiday in the Netherlands

The Slingeland Hospital is a modern hospital in the east of the Netherlands. The Achterhoek region has a modern dialysis centre where dialysis patients can dialyse during their holiday.
The Slingeland Hospital offers holiday dialysis to patients from other regions and from abroad who are holidaying in the area. For this purpose agreements have been made with the Nederlandse Nierstichting (Dutch Kidney Foundation), which provides these holiday facilities for its patients. Naturally, if you arrange your holiday independently you are also welcome.

With us you are in good hands!
Call us now to reserve a place: +31(0)314 32 93 00.

The Achterhoek

The beautiful surroundings of Doetinchem and Varsseveld in the Achterhoek region are characterised by heathland, woods and hills. However, the Achterhoek also offers many opportunities for water recreation. There are plenty of leisure options and various events are organised.

Doetinchem is a pleasant and friendly provincial town with an extensive area offering shopping, cafés restaurants and bars, as well as a revamped theatre, a cinema and an art house cinema with a varied and exciting programming. There are also many sporting facilities.

Holiday accommodation

There are many ways to spend your holiday in the Achterhoek. Whether you prefer camping or staying in a holiday home or hotel, there are plenty of options to choose from. And during your stay you are welcome in the Slingeland Hospital for dialysis.

For more information about Doetinchem and the Achterhoek:

Or contact the Tourist Information Service (VVV) by telephone +31(0)314 32 33 55 or e-mail

Registration for holiday dialysis

If you are planning to independently arrange your holiday in the Achterhoek you can contact the Dialysis department of the Slingeland Hospital yourself on +31(0)314 32 93 00. We shall be glad to inform you about the various options.

Holiday dialysis procedure

The Slingeland Hospital sets great store by quality and service. If you visit us during your holiday for a dialysis, we will retrieve all relevant information needed for the treatment (such as medication and adjustment of the dialyser) from your own dialysis centre. Moreover, with regard to your safety and that of other patients we always want to know if there is any risk of infection. After your holiday we will provide details of the course of your treatment to your own dialysis treatment centre.
In short, we will ensure that you have nothing to worry about!

Information and reservations

Should you have any questions or should you wish to reserve a dialysis, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Telephone: +31(0)314 32 93 00.

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